UWIN Poker - better every day. Check out this list of selected features *:

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You won't get the "full experience" without actually trying the software out yourself, but at least you can take a peek at our beautiful graphics.

The Lobby
Table (Instant Play)
The Lobby (Instant Play)




  • With Move here option available via right click you can change your seat (but not the order in which cards are dealt).

  • Sounds:  Winning sounds, alert sounds, dealer speech and the volume can all be switched off/on.

  • Animation:  Switch on/off and change the speed of all animated actions, such as card and chip movements or dealer push.

Dealer Options

Did you get a bad deal? Do you want to change your dealer? Want to let off some steam?

  • "Dealer Push" - Just shove that dealer off the table! We won't kick you out... We'll just give you a new dealer. Still not satisfied? No problem. You've got 4 dealers to choose from.

  • "Dealer Speech" can also be switched on or off.


The ability to chat with other players at the table is standard in every cardroom. At UWIN Poker, our chat rooms are monitored to make sure that everyone communicates with respect and observing fair play.

The chat options:

Chat on/off, with...
Dealer everything: The dealer writes everything that happens on the table
Dealer normal: The dealer writes winning hands and dealt cards
Dealer summary: The dealer writes winning hands and connection issues only.


Use blank chips in different colors representing the different values, or switch on the "Values on Chips" option which shows you the total value of each pile of chips on the table, including the pot. Very useful.



Hand History 

Here you'll see the last 50 hands played (if you still care). You can even copy and paste these any place you want (like into your Player Notes),  send them to your ex, preserve them for future generations, etc.

"My Folded Hand"

This option displays your folded hand throughout the remainder of the game so you can see if / what you would've won / lost had you stayed in. But be careful: You may never sleep again!

Change Your Cards

Using this option, you can change the color and format of your cards (they say it's a good way to confuse other players... Never mind that you're the only one who'll see the difference):

  • Card Face: Standard, Standard 4-color, Large Index, Large Index 4-color, Classic

  • Card Reverse: 10 different colors to choose from!



Someone once said, there are two kinds of statistics: The kind you look up and the kind you make up.

You won't need to look up any numbers; we'll give them to you straight. But if that's not good enough for your poker "story", you'll have to make up the rest on your own!

Here you see all of your game statistics, such as

  • Hands played/won in/out of showdown

  • Fold Statistics: Pre-flop, flop, turn, river, no fold

  • Game Actions: Initiated by you - Fold, check, call, bet, raise

Player Notes

Although recording the suspicious behavior of others may be encouraged in this day and age, that's not really what Player Notes are for.

But what the heck: We made it easy for you to keep notes on other players anyway.

Write notes, copy and paste game and hand histories, chat text, etc. to help you develop better strategies against your opponents!


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