Online and offline, billions of dollars are pushed across hundreds of thousands of poker tables every single day. That's serious business!

  • From you we expect honesty, no foul language at the tables, no bad sportsmanship; In short: Fair Play.

  • From us you can expect professionalism, on-time payment and an excellent poker platform.

  • If you're underage, find out why we can't let you play here.

  • If your poker game is more pain than competitive sport, find out more now.

Finally, it is important that you give us your feedback so we can provide better service. Write our 24-hour Support Team a quick note and tell them what's on your mind.  


A message to young people who think they want to be poker professionals:

Our policy is that, if you're under the age of 18, you can't have a poker account here at UWIN Poker. If you're under the age of 18 and you want to open a Real Money account at UWIN Poker, play poker and cash out your winnings, you'd essentially have to play poker using someone else's identity. That, however, is illegal, and you will end up getting yourself into trouble along with the person whose identity you "borrowed".

Poker isn't just any game, that's why it's restricted all over the world to adults only. So, if our team realizes that you're not at least 18 years of age, "your" account will be blocked immediately.

We do of course understand why you want to play poker. After all, we love poker, too! So, since we can respect you as a person, we'll give you this valuable tip: If you're really serious about being a great poker player, then you need to concentrate on your math homework, anyway. The truly great poker players are good mathematicians, too!



Do you think you might be losing control?

We are interested in our players having fun at our tables on a regular basis. For some people, though, "fun" doesn't seem to enter into the equation anymore. Is this the case with you or someone you know?

Just as with alcohol or drugs, people can get addicted to remote gaming. Having a one-time losing streak will not change your lifestyle, but losing sufficient amounts of money on a regular basis is an indicator of compulsive remote gaming. Problem remote gaming causes disruptions in any major area of life: psychological, physical, social or vocational. It usually begins in adolescence in men and later in women. This behaviour usually progresses from occasional remote gaming to habitual remote gaming. The urge to gamble becomes so great that the tension can only be relieved by more remote gaming. Higher stakes and personal risks become involved, as well as neglect of other interests, family, and work.

If you feel that you or someone you know might have a problem, go ahead and find out about help organizations in your area. These will answer questions about you or your friend, and hold anonymous, open meetings at various times of day, lead by trained experts.

You can start your search here:

And, of course, our 24-hour support team is always ready to answer any questions you may have.



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