UWIN Poker’s Real Random Card Shuffler

We’re convinced that our card shuffling system is the best one out there. In fact, we’re so convinced that we built an online poker room around it.

Our "Quantum Photon Shuffler" is essentially an unpredictable, scientifically- proven quantum-mechanical process inside a special, impregnable, 'hack-proof' “black box”.

All online casinos use an RNG, but not all RNGs are the same. Of course, for security reasons, we can’t tell you exactly how ours works; but we can give you an idea: 

  1. At the start of every game, the table asks for a freshly shuffled deck.

  2. The Shuffler requests a clean set of random data from the RNG.

  3. The RNG generates purely random data using the simple yet highly reliable and secure mathematical representation of the statistically random behavior of photons (particles of light) when fired through a half-mirror – or a mirror which allows only 50% of all light to be reflected while the other 50% passes through. As it is impossible to tell whether a photon will pass through or be reflected, the resulting data is a totally random string of ones and zeros, or binary code.

  4. Just to be sure, the Shuffler monitors the output of the RNG for randomness.

  5. If the data is clean, the string of code is translated into a freshly shuffled deck.

  6. This process is repeated again on the shuffled deck - i.e. a double shuffle.

  7. The cards are then sent along a secure, encrypted line to the table – a freshly double-shuffled deck.

  8. Before each card is dealt out, a re-shuffle of the remaining cards takes place. This means that each dealt card has been randomly drawn from a freshly reshuffled deck, each and every time.

  9. And so on, until the game is over and the next one begins. This process of continuous shuffling is a measure of added protection to ensure the highest level of randomness and security that can be obtained.

A unique system:

  • It is impossible for player actions to influence the cards.

  • It is impossible to predict future cards.

  • As all the shuffled data is sent along a secure, encrypted line, it is impossible to intercept card data

  • Hole cards are only visible to the players that hold them. Even our floor manager cannot see what you are holding until the game is finished.

  • The design is simple and therefore failsafe.

  • The “black box” shuffler is itself set within a totally secure system.

    • The only thing which can enter our shuffler is a secure, coded request for a freshly shuffled deck of cards.

    • The only thing which can come out of our shuffler is a shuffled deck of cards.

See the Randomness Analysis Reports to find out more:


UWIN Poker works hard to give you the peace of mind you deserve – so you can concentrate on your game.

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